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The swan the world-famous symbol for the company Swarovski
The swan the world-famous symbol for the company Swarovski


Swarovski crystal

grinding Technology

With special fluids and grinding are the Swarovski crystal beads mechanically ground.

Swarovski Grinding forms
Avant Garde Chaton Duble cone Cosmic cut
Bicone Butterfly Margerite Faltback
Briolette Cross Pear drop Cubiste
Teardrop Coin Cosmic ring Open squere
Square Rondelle Cosmic triangle Rondelle Cube

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There are also individual "masterpieces" which cost about 1000 euros, animal forms are often very perfect fake, the motive is huge collection of large and includes thousands of crystals.

A jewel can be several dozen facets.

Swarovski pearls

Swarovski Crystal beads

Swarovski swan Note the light effects Note the light effects
Bicone Fire Opal Swarovski Bicone blue
Film on the bracelet Aquamarine CAL Swarovski swan

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History of the company

Swarovski established in the Inntal community Wattens which 13km east of Insbruck, is an Austrian company,cut crystal and optical equipment manufacturing. The company currently has about 17000 employees worldwide.

Swarovski also has a product line optical devices, telescopic sights and binoculars, these devices are cutting-edge products in the optical industry in addition to the brands Zeiss and Leitz.

For more information about the history of Company see Swarovski KG German Page.

Here are some milestones in the history of the Swarovski company.


Daniel Swarovski (1862 - 1956)

1895 founding of the company which is now in Wattens 13km east of Insbruck, and the headquater of the Group is near Zürich at Switzerland.


1919 founding of TYROLIT ®, the company deals with more than 4000 employees success in the field of industrial grinding.


Since 1948 are also remote Rohe and binoculars made the mark for the Swarovski group called HABICHT ®.


1965, a range of products in the field of heritage like slope, chandeliers on the market STRASS ®.


1976 starts the success story of the Swarovski brand world with a small crystal mouse, the soon more naturalistic animal figures.


1977 is the year by Swarovski succeed, the so-called Cubic Zirconia (CZ) an artificial crystal industrial grind, developed this new world the best alternative of genuine diamonds. Today, the Cubic Zirconia in almost all colors are produced.

The hardness of the CZ is 8.5 after the Mohsschen hardness scale (10 is a diamond). The Cubic Zirconia Brilianz has something less than a diamond, but the stone has more "fire" is a larger range of color and beautiful reflections.


Today we can say, the Swarovski jewelry from milled glass which is of excellent quality, but cheaper than real diamond, but in itself made jewelry looks very elegant.

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