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A small side Cutter is separated off from wires. Since the jewelry often very high-grade stainless steel wires used, which are very hard, it is important a good high-quality tool of about 120mm total length to buy.

Special jewelry wire from many fine stainless steel wires, AccuFlex ® can be a good side Cutter Electronics easily cut off.

End Side Cutter are a special type the Side cutter tool must not be held if obliquely in this position much cut.

It is very important that these electronics side Cutters not thick wires> 1.5 mm cut, as the hardened cutting cancel. Manufacturer specifications, of side cutters they are only for thin wire jewelry.

Cut beading wires

This German quality tool is absolute peak, for each of their applications while cutting beading wires. The 130mm side cutter has in our comparison tests with Knipex® and Bernstein® 125 mm professional models equally well :-).

Side cutter small side ESD mark Leading from the front Cutting back top
This Side cutter small side of Neus shop enlarge a closer look
This Side cutter ESD mark of Neus shop enlarge a closer look
This Side cutter Leading from the front of Neus shop enlarge a closer look
This Cutting back top of Neus shop enlarge a closer look

This tool is equivalent to that of Knipex pliers ®, Bernstein ® or Lindstrom ®. This sample data TOP electronics side cutters:

  • Copper wire to 1.8 mm
  • Iron wire (750N) to 0.8 mm normal beading wires like Tigertail wire / acculon wire
  • Steel wire (1800N) to 0.6 mm AccuFlex ®

Here the Top buy at Neus shop .

Instructions for electrical specialists, the tool is even work for ESD using, you have no problems with the electrostatic charge for processing electronic components.

The tongs are exclusively produced from reduce forged blanks, warm deformed steels are a guarantee of equal hardness values. You have a precision joint. A pair of pliers with this joint has a longer life.

The tongs with cutter are also in cutting inductive field hardened to a hardness of 64 ° HRC Rockwell - The state guarantees optimal time and cutting.

OHM pliers are partly self-developed milling and broaching processed. This Top tongs are bit by bit. Each cutting pliers must have a cutting test, according to the cutting form.

Ici, à Winterthur votre boutique vous trouverez toutes les outils pour se faire des accessoires.

Side cutter quality / price

Electronics side cutter brand manufacturers are excellent for our needs suitable for professional use worth the purchase of such a tool However, the life expectancy is many years, inexpensive side cutters have broken after a few slices cutting.

Ideally cut Beading Wire good cut Beading Wire 180mm only for electricians
This side cutter Ideally cut beading wires of Neus shop enlarge a closer look
This good side cutter of Neus shop enlarge a closer look
This side cutter 180mm only for electricians of Neus shop enlarge a closer look

There are special beading wires pliers sets in the hobby area good enough tools, with a lot with the cutter worked, is the tool but then quickly to the load limits, a Profiset with 5 tongs cost 100 to 300 francs. (Prices 2008).

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Cutting inferior, defect Cutting well
This Cutting inferior, defect of Neus shop enlarge a closer look
This side cutter Cutting well of Neus shop enlarge a closer look

Very cheap Set always have an average quality of pliers, even when important side cutter is saved, the vaginal have a medium, often poor quality.

Quality can easily be found, one considers the pliers after cutting against a light source, note the figure on the left, this is not a good pair of pliers.

Side Cutter in a price range from 5 euros to meet the requirements.

Top quality ESD side cutter at Neus shop .

Side Cuter Universal Tools

180mm electrician tool and small electronics side 120mm Schneider in scale.
180mm electrician tool and small electronics side 120mm Schneider in scale.

Universal pliers, which one side cutters are integrated for occasional cutting wires softer as copper geeigenet for example, the electrician-Chain-nose pliers with grooves on the interior surfaces and even the combination pliers with a side cutter. These tools, as well as the large side 180mm (electrician tool) are unlikely to produce jewelry.

'Read the article Chain-nose pliers for further explanation.

Universal tools for making pearl necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry pieces. They are to cut the beading wire you can use it.

Good pliers (electronics pliers) have a spring in the grip part, so let go when the forceps always open.

The side cutters are available in various sizes commercially available, small models with 120mm total length to cut beading wires particularly well.

Next tools to make jewelry Side Cutter, Crimping pliers, Round-nose plier, Flat-nose Plier, Chain-nose plier or the Plier and beading tool Set. You can make jewelry, pearls chains with locks on which wire to cut, eyelets and to be accessories to the assembly.

Here at Winterthur Neus-shop you'll find all tools to make themselves accessories to jewelry designing.

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