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Jade rollers Serpentine jade blue (dyed) Jade Ching Hai Rainforest Jade
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Jadeite, as well as nephrite apply in China as a "real jade ".

In prehistoric times was from jade weapons and equipment made, Jade is a hard stone.

Jade gemstone is fat with subtle shine, in addition to many subtle shades of green in white, gray to black, yellow, and orange colors zartvioletten occurs known. The rarer and somewhat shows next zähere jadeite green and white, pink, red, black, brown and purple hues. The color is usually at two different minerals. Only the finest jade is of uniform color. Nephrite and jadeite as veins are often, spots and stripes running through. However, this is not necessarily a flaw, on the contrary: Some of these patterns are considered particularly valuable.

Generally, there are two different types of jewelry which are important; real jade and serpentine jade.

  • Serpentine looks not only like jade, it is even in the same deposits as jadeite and nephrite. The material is a bit softer and has a much lower toughness than Jade. Because serpentine is much easier to handle, it is in recent years preferred Jadeersatz become.
  • Real Jade is characterized by a great hardship that is difficult to edit.

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