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Earring very good quality exterior gold
Earring very good quality exterior gold

14k gold-filled is not "gold" gold-filled has about 100x more gold than, for example, a gold wire. The gold layer in gold-filled is about 50 to 100x thicker.

Gold-filled has the look and consistency of carat gold. It is robust and act under normal circumstances, considers it a lifetime.

Gold-filled is an exceptional product. The quality is high. The outer shell of the jewelry piece is made of gold.

Gold-filled, the gold content is usually 1 / 20 or 1 / 12 KT.

The gold leaf is mechanically placed on the ground. The fineness of the gold layer and their weight are noted.

For example, the marking "1 / 10 12K GF" that at least 1 / 10 of the piece 12K gold-filled mind. In the United States must plays a level of at least 1 / 20 gold present, the gold-filled will be classified.


Gold is in ounces indicated this corresponds to 31.10 grams

The coloring of gold arises from the alloy such as copper. another way to indicate the fineness is an indication of carats. Carat abbreviation Ct. is an indication of the international carat.

999.9 / 24 carat = 99.9% pure gold

917 / 22 carat = 91.6%

750 / 18 carat = 75.0%

585 / 14 carat = 58.3%

416 / 10 carat = 41.7%

375 / 9 carats = 37.2%

333 / 8 carats = 33.4%

The best known are probably 750, 585 333rd Pure gold would be much too soft to produce jewelry.

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