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Crimp Bead 1mm well as the distance operator Crimp Bead 2mm jewelry wire connection Crimpcover Gold 3-5mm to cover it Special Crimp Bead 2x3mm

With the Crimp Bead For example hangers at the end of the Beading Wire for the closure assembly. They are also known as spacers between the pearls in the chain. When you buy it on the strength of the walls as thin walls hold, for example, a chain is not long. They are but to use as spacers for windows or hanging or the like.

Here you will find a short video, the assembly of Crimp Bead and Crimpcover.

Crimp Beads are available in various sizes approximately 1, 5mm by 5mm. The usual sizes are about 2mm 3mm. Where are large differences in the wall thickness of the Crimp Beads. 2-20 wires can be placed in a Crimp Bead be pressed. The advantage is if we have a Flat pliers the right [[Crimping pliers ]] on hand. This can be done with the rear part of a U Forms, with the front part, you can almost around the Crimp Bead. The Crimping pliers works but only by about 1.5mm up 3mm Crimp Beads.

Embellish is his work with the Crimpcover, with your will Crimp Bead hidden.

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