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Beading Wire roles
Beading Wire roles

Jewelry stainless steel wire and wire, is for the manufacture of chain and bracelets. Normally, the Beading wire from a steel wire wrapped with nylon, there are often roles of 10m or 100m.

Very expensive jewelry is made of wire silver - or gold with the wire with nylon jacket which is manufactured. Also, silver wire 925, or 14k gold wire 18K without shelter for ornaments and earrings.

The Beading wire in diameters of 0.3 mm / 0.38 mm and 0.45 mm from single wires or from a wire. There are also Spezialdurchmessser of 1mm or less than 0.3 mm.

One of the best jewelry wires, Accuflex he consists of several interlocking twisted thin steel wires. From 7 wires are thin ropes made such ropes, in turn, 7 pieces to the finished jewelry wire stranded, thus creating a very flexible and very smooth wire with up to 49 individual wires. Accuflex is mainly in the diameters of 0.31 mm and 0.45 mm traded.

A 19 Accuflexwire is very flexible and ideal for work. Construction of Beading wire Accuflex:

Depending on the number of wire we have a better flexibility.
Standard well very good Professional wire Professional wire
7 Wire 19 Wire 21 Wire with 3 rope 49 Wire with 7 rope

Like all other Beading wires can the Accuflex also have many colors, silver, gold, brown, blue, red, yellow, orange, purple, green, turquoise, light green, pine green, green metallise, metallic, pink, copper, magenta, gray, black, white, cobalt blue or royal blue almost all colors are available at the Beading wire.

  • normal quality cheaper  :Tigertail wire
  • normal quality cheap  :acculon wire
  • normal quality expensive  :Accuflex wire

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